Computer networks requirements range between cabling systems and advanced routing and switching systems. Professional network infrastructure planning is a key factor in avoiding complex dilemmas which result from poor planning. Our engineers are available to share their experience in this field to show the importance of the short-term and long-term calculations of your network needs.

Building a network infrastructure is not a simple process, but our experienced team can simplify it and do it the right way from the beginning. If you want to start an IT project or re-structure it, we can save you time and money in the short and long-term projects of your company.

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Our method in building a network infrastructure contains many steps

1. Determine Requirements

  • Listening to the client
  • Site visits
  • Assessing the site capacity and availability

2. Determine Solutions

  • What is the best scenario
  • Assessing the compatibility with existing devices.
  • Assessing the network’s hardware & software requirements

3. Develop A Proposal

  • Listing all the required quantities
  • Define the process required for implementation
  • Consider scheduling and items delivery

4. Commissioning

  • Delivery of items and equipment to the site
  • Pre-commissioning and testing the items and equipment
  • Connecting passive and active network component

5. Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Performing quality control
  • Implementing necessary improvements
  • Site visits


With more than ten years of experience in the Information Technology field, Dablanco is well qualified to build new projects, as well as develop existing ones.